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Alfred Hitchcock

Director, Actor

LifeboatLifeboat (1954)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix
Enterprising thriller staged entirely within the confines of a lifeboat. Its simplistic anti–Nazi politic is perhaps redeemed by Tallulah…
Rear WindowRear Window (1954) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. James Stewart, Grace Kelly
Convalescing photographer Jimmy Stewart observes what may have been a murder in an opposing apartment. A Hitchcock must.
To Catch a ThiefTo Catch a Thief (1954)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Cary Grant, Grace Kelly
Hitchcock takes a whimsical approach for this caper about a reformed cat burglar who sets about catching the thief that is imitating his old style.…
Trouble with Harry, TheTrouble with Harry, The (1955)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. John Forsythe, Shirley Maclaine
The trouble with Harry is that he's dead, and the townspeople, including a young John Forsyth and Shirley Maclaine, don't quite know how to deal with…
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series)Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series) (1955-1962) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, various
Feat. Vera Miles, Ralph Meeker, John Forsythe
Pre–dating THE TWILIGHT ZONE by some years, the Master of Suspense created this iconic television series featuring self–contained tales…
Alfred Hitchcock Directs - The TV CollectionAlfred Hitchcock Directs - The TV Collection (1955-1962) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
A special compilation of the 18 episodes of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS that were directed by Hitch himself, plus a bonus episode from the 60s…
Man Who Knew Too Much, TheMan Who Knew Too Much, The (1956) Recommended
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. James Stewart, Doris Day
Hitchcock remakes his 1934 film and generally comes up trumps with James Stewart and Doris Day as the innocent victims of international espionage.…
Wrong Man, TheWrong Man, The (1956)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Henry Fonda
Henry Fonda plays a New York musician whose personal life is dismantled through being falsely accused of robbery. The documentary style well suits…
VertigoVertigo (1958) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes
Hitchcock at his most daring and surreal weaves a complex tale of neurosis when Jimmy Stewart's detective begins trailing a mysterious woman (Novak).…
Hitchcock Collection Volume 2Hitchcock Collection Volume 2 (The Birds, Marnie, Torn Curtain, Topaz, Frenzy, Family Plot, Vertigo) (1958-1976)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Excellently–presented box–set with eight of Hitch's best later suspensers.
North by NorthwestNorth by Northwest (1959) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason
Cary Grant becomes a victim of mistaken identity and is chased across America by enemy agents, in one stylish set piece after another. One of Hitch's…
PsychoPsycho (1960) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles
Only Mr. Hitchcock could plunder B–movie conventions and turn in the biggest box–office success of his career. A plethora of…
Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The (TV Series)Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The (TV Series) (1962-1965)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, various
Picking up directly from where 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' left off, this three season series expands Hitch's iconic mystery anthology to 50 minute…
Birds, TheBirds, The (1963) Aro Favourite
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy
Hitch's masterful rendering of Daphne Du Maurier's novella contains some of his most memorable set pieces, as the population of a seaside resort come…
MarnieMarnie (1964) Recommended
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren, Martin Gabel
Rich businessman Sean Connery blackmails kleptomaniac secretary Tippi Hedren into marrying him, thence free to try out his own brand of experimental…
Torn CurtainTorn Curtain (1966) Recommended
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Paul Newman, Julie Andrews
Atom–bomb boffin Paul Newman defects across the Iron Curtain of the title to East Germany, testing the boundaries of trust for true–blue…
TopazTopaz (1969)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. John Forsythe, Frederick Stafford, Dany Robin
Intelligence spooks John Forsythe and Frederick Stafford run through the gamut of spy moves in the 60s Cold War world. Needless to say, Hitch ain't…
FrenzyFrenzy (1972) Recommended
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Jon Finch, Alec McCowen, Barry Foster
Hitchcock's last really great thriller, concerning a Cockney strangler plaguing the streets of London and setting up Jon Finch as the wrong man.…
Family PlotFamily Plot (1976)
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Feat. Bruce Dern, William Devane
Hitch's last film treads lightly but expertly through a set of small–scale intrigues. Bruce Dern comes up against the creepy William Devane and…
Hitchcock/TruffautHitchcock/Truffaut (2015)
Dir. Kent Jones
Feat. Francois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock
A lovingly crafted portrait of Hitchcock and his profound impact on cinema history, this adaptation from the 1966 book by Francois Truffaut is based…

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