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Sean Connery


Never Say Never AgainNever Say Never Again (1983)
Dir. Irvin Kershner
Feat. Sean Connery, Barbara Carrera
Connery returns to role he made famous after a twelve year absence. He's lost none of his earlier style and charm or gorgeous women for that matter.…
Sword of the ValiantSword of the Valiant (The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) (1984)
Dir. Stephen Weeks
Feat. Miles O'Keefe, Cyrielle Clair, Leigh Lawson
Cannon Films fantasy fodder from the 1980's starring a hilariously coiffured Miles O'Keefe as Sir Gawain and Sean Connery as the Green Knight,…
Highlander, TheHighlander, The (1986) Recommended
Dir. Russell Mulcahy
Feat. Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown
Visually splendid action–fantasy with Christopher Lambert as a 16th Century immortal, destined to battle his arch enemy through the ages. This…
Name of the Rose, TheName of the Rose, The (1986) Recommended
Dir. Jean-Jacques Annaud
Feat. Sean Connery, F. Murray Abraham, Christian Slater
A haunting medieval chiller with Sean Connery as a monk who discovers a series of bizarre deaths are not the work of evil spirits, as commonly…
Untouchables, TheUntouchables, The (1987) Recommended
Dir. Brian De Palma
Feat. Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro
Well–cast and generally classy update of the adventures of Elliot Ness, the earnest law enforcer who took on Al Capone during the prohibition…
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Dir. Steven Spielberg
Feat. Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott
When Sean Connery turns up as Indy's feisty dad, the pair embark on an adventure–laden search for a mystical Holy Grail. You'll have fun…
Family BusinessFamily Business (1989)
Dir. Sidney Lumet
Feat. Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick
Star–studded caper film that follows a family of criminals and their struggles when attachment clashes with business. Adapted by Vincent…
Russia House, TheRussia House, The (1990)
Dir. Fred Schepisi
Feat. Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer
Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this cat–and–mouse drama involving Western intelligence's use of a publisher to liaise with an…
Hunt for Red OctoberHunt for Red October (1990)
Dir. John McTiernan
Feat. Sean Connery, Adam Baldwin, Scott Glenn
Sean Connery plays a renegade Soviet captain of a high–tech submarine who deviates into Western waters. Is he hostile or is he trying to…
Medicine ManMedicine Man (1991)
Dir. John McTiernan
Feat. Sean Connery, Lorraine Bracco
Sean Connery plays a crotchety mad scientist whose tinkerings in the Amazon rainforest result in a cure for cancer – but then he just as soon…
Highlander 2 Highlander 2 (1991)
Dir. Russell Mulcahy
Feat. Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Michael Ironside
Sequel to the video blockbuster of the 80's sees the back–story of the original film ditched and Scottish immortal MacLeod now in fact an alien…
Rising SunRising Sun (1993)
Dir. Philip Kaufman
Feat. Wesley Snipes, Sean Connery, Harvey Keitel
Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery are buddy–cops with a murder–mystery on their hands in Tokyo. A glitzy, unsubtle working of Michael…
First KnightFirst Knight (1995)
Dir. Jerry Zucker
Feat. Sean Connery, Julia Ormond, Richard Gere
Pared–down retelling of the Arthurian legend of Camelot is, while no great shakes, at least as good as most other efforts that have been made…
Just CauseJust Cause (1995)
Dir. Arne Glimcher
Feat. Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburne, Ed Harris
Power–attorney Sean Connery defends a death row prisoner despite the evidence against him, and butts heads with Larry Fishburne, the cop…
Rock, TheRock, The (1996) Recommended
Dir. Michael Bay
Feat. Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery, Ed Harris
Amateur commando Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery square–up against a granite–faced Ed Harris, holding San Francisco to ransom with…
DragonheartDragonheart (1996)
Dir. Rob Cohen
Feat. Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis
Medieval fantasy hokum highlighted by Sean Connery in drag! Drag–on, that is – the large lizard of legend variety. The sublime CGI…
Avengers, TheAvengers, The (1998)
Dir. Jeremiah Chechik
Feat. Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes, Sean Connery
Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes indulge hip nostalgia in this critically–savaged update on the classic 60s TV series. Replicating the…
EntrapmentEntrapment (1999)
Dir. Jon Amiel
Feat. Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Veteran cat burglar Sean Connery meets his match in insurance investigator Catherine Zeta–Jones in this glossy fusion of international heist…
Playing by Heart (1999)
Dir. Willard Carroll
Feat. Sean Connery, Gena Rowlands, Gillian Anderson
Ambitious multi–character film along the lines of SHORT CUTS, likewise set in the varying social strata of Los Angeles, but infused with…
Finding ForresterFinding Forrester (2000)
Dir. Gus Van Sant
Feat. Sean Connery, Rob Brown, Anna Paquin
Dir. Van Sant reprises the outlines of his own GOOD WILL HUNTING, with Sean Connery nurturing the wayward talent of basketballing teenager Rob Brown.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, TheLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The (2003)
Dir. Stephen Norrington
Feat. Sean Connery, Stuart Townsend, Jason Flemyng
A swanky action–adventure in Victorian period dress that’s enticing premise teams up heroes and villains from classic fiction – Allan…
Sir BilliSir Billi (2012)
Dir. Sascha Hartmann
Feat. Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, Patrick Doyle
Sean Connery voices an aging, skateboarding veterinarian caught up in a chaotic land–sea adventure in this action packed animation set in the…

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