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Keanu Reeves


Films to Buy

River's EdgeRiver's Edge (1986)Recommended
Terrifying drama about a group of school friends who discover that one of them has murdered a classmate. Major cult film from the '80s with its lurid…
DVD $15 $7.50, $25 $18.75
ParenthoodParenthood (1989)Recommended
An effervescent and poignant comedy about the trials and tribulations of family life. An impressive ensemble cast headed by Steve Martin provide…
DVD $15 $11.25, $15 $11.25
My Own Private IdahoMy Own Private Idaho (1991)
Melancholic tale imbued with the director's stylistic flair stars Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix as a pair of young hustlers with opposing personal…
DVD $20 $15
Bram Stoker's DraculaBram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Francis Ford Coppola's opulent update of the gothic legend. Gary Oldman's incarnation of the fanged one is most impressive here, as are the gorgeous…
DVD $20 $15
Even Cowgirls Get the BluesEven Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993)
A joyously ropey adaptation of Tom Robbins beloved 1970s novel in which a big–thumbed hitch–hiker (Uma Thurman) eventually hooks up at a…
DVD $15 $11.25
SpeedSpeed (1994)Aro Favourite
A jaw–dropping, state–of–the–art spectacle in which new slim–line action hero Reeves battles wits with a…
DVD $20 $15
Devil's Advocate, TheDevil's Advocate, The (1997)Recommended
Invincible lawyer Keanu Reeves is tempted to join an elite law firm, but bossman Al Pacino has a firey temper and is looking for lifelong commitment,…
DVD $15 $7.50
Matrix, TheMatrix, The (1998)Recommended
Computer hacker Keanu Reeves is singled out by a high–tech guerilla network and trained as an operative to seize power from the evil guardians…
DVD $19.95 $14.95
Gift, TheGift, The (2000)
Rivalling THE SIXTH SENSE among latterday supernatural thrillers and with a pedigree to boast of, this eerie tale of smalltown ghosts and secrets is…
DVD $15 $11.25
Matrix Reloaded, TheMatrix Reloaded, The (2002)
Not called "reloaded" for no reason, the video–game influence presides over this second chapter of the Matrix trilogy – a sequel…
DVD $19.95 $14.95 | Blu-Ray $34.95 $24.95
Matrix RevolutionsMatrix Revolutions (2003)
The 'Matrix Trilogy' concludes in a green–tinged maelstrom of CGI–enhanced action and conceptual confusion. Trinity (Moss) and…
DVD $19.95 $14.95 | Blu-Ray $34.95 $24.95
Something's Gotta GiveSomething's Gotta Give (2003)
Smoothly fashioned comic drama in which aging music–industry womaniser Nicholson suffers a heart attack and falls for grey–haired…
DVD $19.95
ConstantineConstantine (2005)
A stylish, but rather misfiring adaptation of the DC comicbook 'Hellblazer', with Keanu Reeves playing a wry, hard–boiled detective with…
Blu-Ray $39.95 $24.95
ThumbsuckerThumbsucker (2005)Recommended
An accomplished, resolutely unconventional drama in which a 17 year–old boy (Pucci) is encouraged, cajoled and medicated into breaking the…
DVD $15 $7.50
Street KingsStreet Kings (2008)
LA CONFIDENTIAL author James Ellroy and the writer of TRAINING DAY team up for this ultra–macho, ultra–violent LAPD–centric…
DVD $19.95 $14.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
Day the Earth Stood Still, TheDay the Earth Stood Still, The (2008)
Rather vague, king–sized remake of the 1951 sci–fi classic, in which an alien visitor brings to earth a warning of imminent…
DVD $20 $15
Private Lives of Pippa Lee, ThePrivate Lives of Pippa Lee, The (2009)
Drama boasting a formidable performance from Robin Wright Penn as the beautiful, middle–aged Pippa Lee, who finds herself living in a…
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $49.95
Henry's CrimeHenry's Crime (2010)
Newly released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, an ex–con decides to target the same bank he was sent away for robbing.
DVD $29.95
47 Ronin47 Ronin (2013)
A rogue big screen retelling of an ancient Japanese legend, about a band of samurai determined to avenge the death of their master. Awkwardly…
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $44.95, $49.95
John WickJohn Wick (2014)Recommended
A superbly choreographed "kick–ass" thriller that appropriately resurrects Keanu Reeves as an ex–hitman who comes out of retirement to…
DVD $34.95 $14.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95 $19.95
Neon Demon, TheNeon Demon, The (2016)
An aspiring model moves to Los Angeles where her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty–obsessed women and exploitative…
DVD $29.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
Whole Truth, TheWhole Truth, The (2016)
Keanu Reeves plays an attorney who works on a tough case to defend a 17–year–old suspected of murdering his wealthy father in this…
DVD $29.95
John Wick: Chapter 2John Wick: Chapter 2 (John Wick 2) (2017)Recommended
Legendary ex–hitman John Wick is forced to go on the run after a bounty is placed on his head, in this excellently choreographed neo–noir…
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95, $29.95
Destination WeddingDestination Wedding (2018)
Two hopelessly mismatched wedding guests develop a mutual affection while contending with their own spiteful feelings about the wedding, the guests,…
DVD $29.95
John Wick: Chapter 3 - ParabellumJohn Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (John Wick 3) (2019)
Third film in the neo–noir action thriller series with Keanu Reeves returning as the stoic super–assassin, who is now on the run with a…
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $44.95, $59.95

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