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Michael Ritchie

Director, Actor

Downhill RacerDownhill Racer (1969)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv
A pre–HOOSIERS Gene Hackman dons the coach's whistle in this Winter Olympics drama, with Robert Redford providing the film’s clash of…
Candidate, TheCandidate, The (1972)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Robert Redford
Incisive political satire sees idealist Robert Redford run for the Senate, but finds his good intentions usurped by the system and the needs of…
Prime CutPrime Cut (1972)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek
Gritty underworld thriller set in the fields and meat–packhouses of Kansas, where mob enforcer Marvin is sent to collect money from local…
Semi-ToughSemi-Tough (1977)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson, Jill Clayburgh
A running back and wide receiver scrimmage over the adorable Jill Clayburgh in this loose–lipped satire of professional sport by way of the…
Island, The Island, The (1980)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Michael Caine, David Warner
Underrated high–seas adventure, based on the novel by JAWS author Peter Benchley, concerning an investigate reporter and his son who crash land…
FletchFletch (1985)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Chevy Chase, Joe Don Baker, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Arguably considered his best feature comedy, Chevy Chase plays the titular newspaper reporter with a penchant for changing his identity who stumbles…
WildcatsWildcats (1986)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Goldie Hawn, James Keach, Swoosie Kurtz
Feel–good football flick with Goldie Hawn as the ambitious coach who takes on an unlikely team of misfits from an inner–Chicago school.
Golden Child, TheGolden Child, The (1986)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Eddie Murphy, Charles Dance
Hot off BEVERLY HILLS COP, Eddie Murphy plays a private detective specializing in missing children who is charged with finding a special child whom…
Couch Trip, TheCouch Trip, The (1988)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Dan Aykroyd, Charles Grodin, Donna Dixon
Aykroyd plays a mental patient on the loose in Los Angeles masquerading as a renowned psychiatrist. Agreeably sends up Hollywood's therapy obsessions…
Fletch LivesFletch Lives (1989)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Chevy Chase, Hal Holbrook, R. Lee Ermey
Chevy Chase returns as the reckless reporter who resorts to his trademark bag of silly disguises when murder and misadventure follow his inheritance…
Midnight StingMidnight Sting (Diggstown) (1993)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. James Woods, Louis Jr. Gossett, Heather Graham
This crowd–pleaser delivers with Woods in usual form as a smarmy ex–con fraudster who orchestrates a boxing scam with help from boxing…
Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom (1993)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Holly Hunter
Holly Hunter won an Emmy for her portrayal of a woman who would go to any length to ensure her daughter's place on the high school cheerleading team.…
Trial and ErrorTrial and Error (1997)
Dir. Jonathan Lynn
Feat. Jeff Daniels, Michael Ritchie, Charlize Theron
Big city lawyer Jeff Daniels and his actor buddy Michael Ritchie (from TV's Seinfeld) wind up having to swap identities to defend a case against a…
Simple Wish, ASimple Wish, A (1997)
Dir. Michael Ritchie
Feat. Mara Wilson, Martin Short, Kathleen Turner
Mara Wilson's (MATILDA) simple wish for a fairy–godmother upturns the blundering Martin Short, who helps/hinders her crusade to rescue her…

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