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20–19 Jul 2017

Red Turtle, TheRed Turtle, The (2016)Recommended
Dir. MichaŽl Dudok de Wit
The first non–Japanese film to be produced by Studio Ghibli follows a nameless shipwrecked man who meets a giant red turtle on a deserted…
20 Jul 2017
Winter at WestbethWinter at Westbeth (2015)
Dir. Rohan Spong
A vibrant showcase of three elderly artists who reside in the historic and unique Westbeth Artists Housing in New York City's west village. Filmed…
19 Jul 2017
Boss Baby, TheBoss Baby, The (2017)
Dir. Tom McGrath
A hit–and–miss Dreamworks animated lark about a suit–wearing, briefcase–carrying baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) who pairs up…
19 Jul 2017
Heat WaveHeat Wave (Coup de chaud) (2015)
Dir. RaphaŽl Jacoulot
Feat. Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gregory Gadebois
A peaceful French hamlet is turned upside down when a deranged local starts harassing the the villagers and causing hostilities to rise dangerously.…
19 Jul 2017
Kong: Skull IslandKong: Skull Island (2017)
Feat. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson
When a scientific expedition to an uncharted island awakens titanic forces of nature, a mission of discovery becomes an explosive war between monster…
19 Jul 2017
A Man Called OveA Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove) (2015)Recommended
Dir. Hannes Holm
Feat. Rolf Lassgard, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg
Endearing Swedish hit about a grumpy 59–year–old widower who was deposed as president of the condominium association, but still presides…
19 Jul 2017
Hippopotamus, TheHippopotamus, The (2017)
Dir. John Jencks
Feat. Roger Allam, Tim McInnerny, Fiona Shaw
An adaptation from the debut novel by Stephen Fry about a disgraced poet who is summoned to his friend's country manor to investigate a series of…
19 Jul 2017
A Bag of MarblesA Bag of Marbles (Un sac de billes) (2017)
Dir. Christian Duguay
Feat. Dorian Le Clech, Batyste Fleurial
The experience of the French occupation during WWII is told uniquely using a child's perspective in this latterday adaptation of the book by Joseph…
19 Jul 2017
UnderdogsUnderdogs (Metegol, aka The Unbeatables) (2013)
Dir. Juan Josť Campanella
An Argentine–produced animated feature aimed at young football fans in which the players of a table soccer (or "Foosball") game come to…
19 Jul 2017
Suicide Theory, TheSuicide Theory, The (2015)
Dir. Dru Brown
Feat. Steve Mouzakis, Leon Cain
A contrived yet unpredictable Australian thriller about a man whose unsuccessful attempts at suicide lead him to hire a hitman who in turn struggles…
19 Jul 2017

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