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Mysteries, thrillers and black comedies generally possessed by a supernatural and/or visceral element...

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Mother!Mother! (2017)
Dir. Darren Aronofsky
Feat. Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris
A polarising yet brilliant psychological horror bursting with allegorical detail, from visionary auteur/provocateur Darren Aronofsky. A couple's peaceful existence in an remote country home is disrupted with the arrival of uninvited guests, a turn of events which slowly spirals into apocalyptic torment…
Happy Death DayHappy Death Day (2017)
Dir. Christopher Landon
Feat. Israel Broussard, Jessica Rothe
A fairly decent stab at applying the GROUNDHOG DAY premise to the teen horror genre in which a self-centered collegian who suffers a fatal attack from a masked killer only to wake the next morning in a fellow student's bed where she is given the repeated chance to identify her murderer.
Death LineDeath Line (1972)
Dir. Gary Sherman
Feat. Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington
A cannibal zombie stalks the local stations of the London Underground picking off unlucky passengers for nourishment in this British 70's horror gem, distinguished by a decent script, a litany of entrails, and an OTT performance by the great Donald Pleasence as a police detective.
ItIt (2017)
Dir. Andrés Muschietti
Feat. Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Skarsgård, Finn Wolfhard
A group of youngsters dread, and dare to tread, toward solving the mystery of why children are disappearing in their small town in Maine, leading to confrontation with a mythic evil clown named Pennywise. Perhaps all too familiar to those weened on Stephen King and 80's teen horrors, this slick,…
Berlin SyndromeBerlin Syndrome (2017)
Dir. Cate Shortland
Feat. Teresa Palmer, Riemelt Max
An Australian photographer visiting Berlin to shoot architecture meets a charismatic local English teacher, but their first date turns into a nightmare of captivity. An extraordinary, claustrophobic horror with a riveting central performance from Teresa Palmer. The director of the similarly…
Get OutGet Out (2017)
Dir. Jordan Peele
Feat. Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener
A deliciously fresh and contemporary paranoid thriller that puts an ingenious and spirited African-American spin on the conspiracy template set by such classics as ROSEMARY'S BABY. After a pedigree in TV sketch comedy, director Jordan Peele moves behind the camera for the first time where he balances the…
Don't BreatheDon't Breathe (2016)
Dir. Fede Alvarez
Feat. Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, Dylan Minnette
Relentless, sometimes inventive horror about a trio of thieves attempting to rob the house of a blind man who isn't as helpless as he seems. From the producers of THE EVIL DEAD.