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Sandy’s Film Reviews

About me: John OShea at the Onslow College Film Club helped open my eyes to quality movies in the early 60s. Since then I was a regular at the Auckland Film Festival and later the Wellington Film Festival from 1983. My taste is very wide; currently documentaries (truth is very edgy), including blues music & other popular genres. Great films seen include the Iranian film The Separation and Marcel Ophuls Memory of Justice...and many more!
My website: Takaro.

562 Films have been rated or reviewed by Sandy.

Old DogOld Dog (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Great NZ doco with terrific human/dog portraits. Strongly recommended. Quite emotional. Docos don't get better than this!
DVD $24.95
FilmworkerFilmworker (2017)
4 stars (Very Good) 94 mins. Genius of Belgian actor Leon Vitali who gave up his career to be Stanley Kubrick's 'right arm', without whom many of his films might not have been made to the same standard. A man of great dedication. For all interested in filmmaking.
Can You Ever Forgive Me?Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Very original and extremely witty. Outstanding acting by McCarthy & Grant create recognizable but unforgettable characters. For me, one of the "films of the year" because of the near–perfect integration of great acting & script–writing.
DVD $24.95
Mary ShelleyMary Shelley (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Great true literary story. Progressive reconstruction of the complex lives & relations of some of the greatest English writers in history. Very avante–garde & interesting. 127 mins.
DVD $39.95
GabbehGabbeh (1996)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Visually intoxicating. Greatest film on handcraft design ever. Magical realism; men select colours, women distinctive patterns telling their stories & dreams. Made by nomadic Qashqai in Zagros Mts, SW Iran. Surreal, paced like music, unforgettable!
Second ActSecond Act (2018)
5 stars (Exceptional) Sharp, very well–done, top movie. Brilliant chick–flick! Very witty, great script, variably funny & sad. Great serious tips for job interviews. A top–class US production; great music.
DVD $34.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95
ZoeZoe (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Moving, not dumb. Beautifully produced by Ridley Scott. Good enough that you felt sorrier for the machines than for the people who made them. Contemporary cars a jarring note. Otherwise real sci–fi. Characters unduly nervous in having sex with machines.
DVD $29.95
Let the Sunshine InLet the Sunshine In (2017)
2 stars (Good Try) Pacey, intense, & overly complex plot. Disappointing!
DVD $29.95
Just To Be SureJust To Be Sure (Otez-moi d'un doute) (2017)
5 stars (Exceptional) Very realistic and well–acted, Interesting & right up–to–date. Witty. Great soundtrack. Every moment funny and/or gripping. Great scenery in extreme western Brittany, an area not often shown in French movies. Highly recommended for light entertainment.
DVD $29.95
Score: A Film Music DocumentaryScore: A Film Music Documentary (2016)
1 star (Turkey) Hollywood movies sound the same. Musicians, not critics, are heard. Quincy made the best music, but we aren't allowed to hear it. Even if they hum it in the toilets, people don't listen to scores. Music in Easy Rider dismissed.

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