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Sales Gallery: Reissued

11 Apr–23 Jan 2019

Hard TimesHard Times (Street Fighter) (1975)Recommended
During the Great Depression Charles Bronson fights economic gloom with his fists in this invigorating punch–fest from the action ace Walter…
DVD $19.95
11 Apr 2019
Ray Donovan (TV  Series)Ray Donovan (TV Series) (2013)Recommended
Echoing THE LONG GOODBYE and Chander's Philip Marlowe, this Californian noir stars Liev Schreiber as corporate 'fixer' whose work involves cleaning…
DVD $35 $26.25, $49.95 $30, $44.95, $44.95
10 Apr 2019
Delicious (TV Series)Delicious (TV Series) (2016)
A darkly comedic infidelity drama with a foodie twist. Dawn French plays a passionate cook who engages in a complicating affair with her celebrity…
DVD $29.95, $29.95, $29.95
9 May 2019
Vikings (TV Series)Vikings (TV Series) (2013-2018)Recommended
A vividly mounted historical series inspired by the sagas of the Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia. Season One: nine episodes across three…
DVD $35 $26.25, $39.95, $49.95 | Blu-Ray $44.95
27 Mar 2019
WalkaboutWalkabout (1970)Recommended
An English schoolgirl and her brother end up abandoned by their father in the Australian Outback, before meeting Aboriginal boy David Gulpilil. Dir.…
DVD $19.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
20 Mar 2019
All the Pretty HorsesAll the Pretty Horses (2000)
Serious–minded adaptation of Cormac McCarthey’s neo–western novel, the epic journey of 1950s cowboy Matt Damon across the Texan border…
DVD $14.95
20 Mar 2019
SchapelleSchapelle (2013)
Teledrama about the famous case of Schapelle Corby, a 27–year–old beauty school dropout from the Gold Coast who was arrested at Bali…
DVD $19.95
15 Mar 2019
Bonanza (TV Series)Bonanza (TV Series) (1960)
Iconic, larger–than–life western TV show set near Virginia City, Nevada, in which Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his sons help protect…
DVD $54.95, $54.95, $54.95, $54.95
14 Mar 2019
Melrose Place (TV Series)Melrose Place (TV Series) (1992-1999)
Glossy spinoff to BEVERLY HILLS 90210 tracked an older set of characters all living at a plush apartment complex in Los Angeles and coping with love,…
DVD $44.95, $44.95, $129.95
9 May 2019
Perry Mason (TV Series)Perry Mason (TV Series) (1957-1966)Recommended
Benchmark legal drama series which turned star Raymond Burr into a television institution as the near–invincible criminal lawyer, Perry…
DVD $99.95
14 Mar 2019
Adventure Time (TV Series)Adventure Time (TV Series) (2010)Recommended
One of the more inspired Cartoon Network creations follows the wildly original, mind altering adventures of Finn, and his best friend Jake – a…
DVD $19.95, $19.95, $19.95, $19.95
14 Mar 2019
Acquitted (TV Series)Acquitted (TV Series) (Frikjent) (2015)Recommended
High quality Norwegian crime drama centred around a high–flying executive who returns to his hometown twenty years after he was cleared of the…
DVD $29.95, $29.95
14 Mar 2019
Cry FreedomCry Freedom (1987)Recommended
Potent political cinema based on the story of black South African activist Steve Biko (Denzel Washington), whose suspicious death was investigated by…
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $24.95
13 Mar 2019
TheoremTheorem (Teorema) (1968)
A mysterious stranger seduces and corrupts each member of a bourgeois family. Pasolini stitches religious, social and political metaphors into his…
DVD $19.95
13 Mar 2019
Fright NightFright Night (1985)Aro Favourite
Terrific vampire satire in which a boy becomes highly suspicious of his new neighbours, led by a suave Chris Sarandon. The superb make–up…
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
13 Mar 2019
HideawayHideaway (1995)
The director of LAWNMOWER MAN turns his high–tech sensibility to this enjoyably silly supernatural thriller in which family man Jeff Goldblum…
Blu-Ray $19.95
13 Mar 2019
U-TurnU-Turn (1997)
The Drifter, Sean Penn, swerves into a small desert town for a round of duelling tangos with Femme Jennifer Lopez and local Kingpin Nick Nolte, while…
Blu-Ray $14.95
13 Mar 2019
Shootist, TheShootist, The (1976)
Celebrated finale to John Wayne's career playing an aging gunfighter seeking obscurity but assailed by cancer and various 'young guns', out to prove…
DVD $14.95
13 Mar 2019
Medallion, TheMedallion, The (2003)
Jackie Chan's Hollywood serenade continues, here he plays a Hong Kong detective loaned to Interpol to track down a magical medallion that gives its…
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $14.95
13 Mar 2019
Little Mermaid, TheLittle Mermaid, The (1989)Recommended
A modern Disney animated musical blessed with a wonderful score and a touching story. Based loosely on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, a…
DVD $24.95 | Blu-Ray $34.95
6 Mar 2019
WillowWillow (1988)Recommended
Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley–Kilmer employ swords against sorcery to protect a young baby from the powers of evil. A…
DVD $15 $11.25, $14.95, $20 $15 | Blu-Ray $19.95
6 Mar 2019
Affair, The (TV Series)Affair, The (TV Series) (2014)Recommended
Well–acted cable drama that maps the psychological effects of an affair between a married waitress at a Hamptons diner and a teacher who spends…
DVD $44.95, $44.95, $44.95, $44.95
27 Feb 2019
Outrageous FortuneOutrageous Fortune (1987)
Floozy Bette Midler and straight–gal Shelley Long search for their boyfriend in common.
DVD $25 $18.75
21 Feb 2019
David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the VertebratesDavid Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates (2015)
David Attenborough embarks on a remarkable 500 million–year journey revealing the extraordinary group of animals that dominate our world, and…
DVD $25 $18.75
21 Feb 2019
Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series)Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series) (2015)
Grisly prequel to THE WALKING DEAD follows Cliff Curtis as he negotiates a world rapidly turning apocalyptic.
DVD $34.95, $34.95, $34.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95
5 Feb 2019
Jane Eyre (1997)
Suitably gothic retelling of Charlotte Brontë's classic tale of a Yorkshire orphan who becomes a governess and falls for the brooding lord of the…
DVD $35 $26.25
1 Feb 2019
CeliaCelia (1988)
Fans of Jane Campion should enjoy this eerie antipodean tale of a 9–year–old girl who surrenders to her nightmarish fantasies when her…
DVD $29.95
23 Jan 2019
Serpent and the Rainbow, TheSerpent and the Rainbow, The (1988)
Based on an apparently true story of a man's nightmare journey to into the eerie world of voodoo. Filmed on location in Haiti and scarier for it.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
23 Jan 2019
Lord of the FliesLord of the Flies (1963)
The chilling original screen adaptation of William Golding's novel about a gang of schoolboys stranded on a desert island, whose instinctive…
DVD $19.95
23 Jan 2019
Cat PeopleCat People (1982)
Loose remake of the Val Lewton classic fleshes out the innate connection between human sexuality and animal instinct. Nymphette Nastassja Kinski…
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
23 Jan 2019

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