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Luis Bunuel

Director, Actor

Films to Rent

Un Chien AndalouUn Chien Andalou (1928) Recommended
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Salvador Dali
Bunuel and Salvador Dali collaborated for this sensational short film that blew the lid off convention in a way history could never repeat. A…
Las HurdesLas Hurdes (Land Without Bread) (1933)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Surrealist non–fiction short film focused around Las Hurdes, the poorest region of Western Spain. An unnervingly straight travelogue delivered…
Los OlvidadosLos Olvidados (The Young and the Damned, aka The Forgotten Ones) (1950) Aro Favourite
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Ground–breaking masterwork from dir. Luis Bunuel's Meixcan period, set among slum children in Mexico City, whose harsh circumstances and…
SusanaSusana (The Devil and the Flesh) (1951)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Rosita Quintana
A sexually devious reform girl seeks refuge in a decent working class family, only to cause upheaval with her devilish ways. Early Bunuel…
Robinson CrusoeRobinson Crusoe (1954)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Dan O'Herlihy
Daniel Defoe's classic novel of a shipwreck's sole survivor. Luis Bunuel directs with a few surrealist flourishes.
Young One, TheYoung One, The (La Joven; White Trash) (1960)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Zachary Scott, Bernie Hamilton
Bunuel’s English–language feature masterfully unfurls the quandary between a young girl and an itinerant black musician unjustly accused of…
ViridianaViridiana (1961)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Silvia Pinal, Francisco Rabal, Fernando Rey
Bunuel purges his spiritual demons in this potent psychological study of a novice nun who loses her innocence when she visits her…
Exterminating Angel, TheExterminating Angel, The (1962) Aro Favourite
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Silvia Pinal
A psychic 'disaster movie', in which guests become trapped at a dinner party by a mysterious forcefield. As the days go by, dinner–table…
Diary of a ChambermaidDiary of a Chambermaid (1964)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Jeanne Moreau, Georges Geret, Michel Piccoli
Maid Jeanne Moreau manipulates two blue–blooded households to ascend her status in pre–war France. Another shrewd political jape from the…
Simon of the DesertSimon of the Desert (1965) Recommended
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Silvia Pinal, Claudio Brook
A short surrealist fantasy concerning the life of Simon Stylites (Claudio Brook), an early Christian ascetic, who stood for years atop a column in…
Belle De JourBelle De Jour (Beauty of the Day) (1967) Recommended
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli
Cool and elegant comedy of manners about a virginal newlywed who works the day shift in a high class brothel. Bunuel's surrealist…
Milky Way, TheMilky Way, The (1968)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Paul Frankeur, Laurent Terzieff, Alain Cuny
Bunuel experiments with narrative in relating theories of traditional Catholicism to the encounters of two wandering vagrants.
TristanaTristana (1971)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Catherine Deneuve, Fernando Rey, Franco Nero
Catherine Deneuve plays a beautiful young heroine burdened with a vulgar husband and a knee ailment that will require her leg to be amputated!…
Discreet Charm of the BourgeiosieDiscreet Charm of the Bourgeiosie (1972) Recommended
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Fernando Rey, Delphine Seyrig, Stephane Audran
Best Foreign Film Oscar–winner in which six guests convene for a meal they never actually get to eat! Bunuel veers between reality and illusion…
Phantom of Liberty, ThePhantom of Liberty, The (1974)
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Jean-Claude Brialy, Monica Vitti
The great surrealist's penultimate film uses a Chinese–box structure to weave a dream–like tableau of set pieces that waver from to the…
That Obscure Object of DesireThat Obscure Object of Desire (1977) Recommended
Dir. Luis Bunuel
Feat. Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet
Masterpiece of loopy morals, terrorist attacks and chastity belts that turns that age old loves–me–loves–me–not story once…

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