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Jack Palance


Cocaine CowboysCocaine Cowboys
Feat. Jack Palance, Andy Warhol
Halls of MontezumaHalls of Montezuma (1950)
Dir. Lewis Milestone
Feat. Richard Widmark, Jack Palance, Karl Malden
Unflashy and well–cast war film, that follows the US Marines into action on a Pacific island. Makes a fairly gung–ho contrast to dir.…
Panic in the StreetsPanic in the Streets (1950) Recommended
Dir. Elia Kazan
Feat. Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes
Early New Orleans–set Kazan noir, follows the hunt for a killer who may be spreading a bubonic plague. Tense, detailed examination of morality…
Sudden FearSudden Fear (1952)
Dir. David Miller
Feat. Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Gloria Grahame
Enjoyable potboiler with Palance as an ambitious young actor who sets out to seduce and destroy wealthy playwright Crawford. Rollicking…
ShaneShane (1953) Aro Favourite
Dir. George Stevens
Feat. Alan Ladd, Jack Palance, Emile Meyer
Former gunfighter Alan Ladd comes to the defence of homesteaders menaced by Jack Palance (satanically clad all in black). Classic Western is splendid…
Big Knife, TheBig Knife, The (1955) Recommended
Dir. Robert Aldrich
Feat. Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Rod Steiger
Lurid expose of the Hollywood 'studio system' from the melodramatic pen of playwright Clifford Odets. Palance shows a rare vulnerability as a…
I Died A Thousand TimesI Died A Thousand Times (1955)
Dir. Stuart Heisler
Feat. Jack Palance, Shelley Winters, Lee Marvin
Enjoyable remake of High Sierra that benefits from a fantastic cast and a rousing finale. Look for a young and uncredited Dennis Hopper.
Attack!Attack! (1956) Recommended
Dir. Robert Aldrich
Feat. Jack Palance, Lee Marvin, Eddie Albert
Departing from the glory–day stories of WW2, Aldrich offers a hard–edged realism to the nightmare of war. Jack Palance, Lee Marvin and…
BarabbasBarabbas (1962)
Dir. Richard Fleischer
Feat. Anthony Quinn, Jack Palance, Arthur Kennedy
Lavish, literate and thrilling by equal measure, this Hollywood Roman speculation follows the wanderings of the legendary thief (Quinn) who was saved…
Le MeprisLe Mepris (Contempt) (1963)
Dir. Jean-Luc Godard
Feat. Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance, Fritz Lang
An insecure screen–writer struggles with vulgar producers as well as his movie–star wife on the set of Homer's Odyssey. Brigitte Bardot,…
Professionals, TheProfessionals, The (1966)
Dir. Richard Brooks
Feat. Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan
A taut precursor to THE WILD BUNCH, with a gang of American mercenaries making an incursion into Mexican territory to rescue a beautiful hostage…
Torture GardenTorture Garden (1967)
Dir. Freddie Francis
Feat. Jack Palance, Burgess Meredith, Beverly Adams
Grisly, well–acted omnibus of four horror stories by PSYCHO–scribe Robert Bloch, framed by the fiendish hype of Burgess Meredith's…
Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, TheStrange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, The (1968)
Dir. Charles Jarrott
Feat. Jack Palance, Denholm Elliott, Billie Whitelaw
Gripping and faithful telemovie adaptation of Robert Louis Steveson's famous horror novel, with Jack Palance giving one his best as the idealistic…
Che!Che! (1969)
Dir. Richard Fleischer
Feat. Omar Sharif, Jack Palance
Made barely two years after his death, this Che Guevara biopic boasts the reputable acting talents of Omar Sharif and Jack Palance and picks up where…
McMasters, The (Blood Crowd, The) (1970)
Dir. Alf Kjellin
Feat. Burl Ives, Brock Peters, David Carradine
A tough depiction of post–Civil War strife, with former slave Peters, who fought for the Union, trying to start over in the American southwest.…
Monte WalshMonte Walsh (1970)
Dir. William A. Fraker
Feat. Lee Marvin, Jack Palance, Jeanne Moreau
Beautifully contemplative western set during the final days of the Wild West, following an aged cowboy and his friend who spend their days picking up…
Horsemen, TheHorsemen, The (1971)
Dir. John Frankenheimer
Feat. Omar Sharif, Leigh Taylor-Young, Jack Palance
An ambitious historical epic concerns the quest of an Afghani tribal horseman (Sharif) to regain his honour after losing a ritual Buzkashi…
Chato's LandChato's Land (1972)
Dir. Michael Winner
Feat. Charles Bronson, Jack Palance, James Whitmore
DEATH WISH in the desert with Bronson picking off rednecks in revenge for his wife's rape and murder. Michael Winner brings his customary…
DraculaDracula (1973)
Dir. Dan Curtis
Feat. Jack Palance
Classy 1973 made–for–TV version, starring Jack Palance as a mournful Count.
Shape of Things to Come, TheShape of Things to Come, The (1979)
Dir. George McCowan
Feat. Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Barry Morse
Loosely adapted from the H.G. Wells novel, this follows a mankind's post–nuclear colonisation of the Moon and series of crises that bedevil the…
Twilight Zone, The (TV Series)Twilight Zone, The (TV Series) (1985) Recommended
Dir. Wes Craven, Tommy Lee Wallace, Robert Downey Snr.
Feat. Bruce Willis, Eric Bogosian, Amy Irving
A solid if variable 1980's reprise of Rod Serling's iconic series of off–beat fantasy stories. Also available; "Lost Classics" (1994),…
Bagdad CafeBagdad Cafe (1988) Recommended
Dir. Percy Adlon
Feat. Marianne Sagebrecht, Jack Palance, C.C.H. Pounder
Marianne Sagebrecht plays an aloof German tourist who meets a group of equally lovable eccentrics at a remote desert inn. A quirky, expressive and…

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