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Retro-TV Sale

All items in this sale are in "As New" condition, many of which are now out-of-print (OOP).

26 Films.

Sliders (TV Series)Sliders (TV Series) (1995-2000)
While experimenting in his lab, budding genius O'Connell unwittingly invents a teleportation device that slides open portals to alternate realities…
DVD $15 (Season 1 & 2)
M.A.N.T.I.S. (TV Series)M.A.N.T.I.S. (TV Series) (Mantis) (1994)
A wheelchair–bound scientist becomes a crime–fighter after building himself a powerful exo–skeleton that gives him superhuman…
DVD $20 ("steel book" case)
Goodnight Sweetheart (TV Series)Goodnight Sweetheart (TV Series) (1993)
A suffering 90's husband finds a way to travel back in time to war time 40's London where he acquires a new lady friend and must juggle his modern…
DVD $20 (Series 1)
Seaquest DSV (TV Series)Seaquest DSV (TV Series) (1993)
Deep sea is the final frontier in this popular mid–nineties riff on STAR TREK, logging the oceanic adventures of an advanced submersible vessel…
DVD $15 (Season 1)
Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)
Respectful and crafted TV animation of the much–adapted Bob Kane comicbook, with Bruce Wayne transforming himself into a terrifying superhero…
DVD $20 (Season 1, Vol. 1)
21 Jump Street (TV Series)21 Jump Street (TV Series) (1987-1991)
Iconic, lightly–rendered youth thriller series, in which four young–looking undercover cops infiltrate high schools to expose various…
DVD $15 (Season 4)
Amazing Stories (TV Series)Amazing Stories (TV Series) (Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories) (1985)
Fantasy/supernatural series created by Steven Spielberg in the spirit of the TWILIGHT ZONE, featuring self–contained stories of the macabre and…
DVD $15 (Season 1)
Airwolf (TV Series)Airwolf (TV Series) (1984-1987)
Eighties television series centered on a high–tech military helicopter and its crew as they undertake various missions of espionage, often with…
DVD $15 (Season 3)
V (TV Series)V (TV Series) (1983)
Compelling sci–fi saga detailing the mass invasion of alien spacecraft whose inhabitants dubiously claim to have come in peace.
DVD $20 (Final Battle) , $20 (Original Mini-Series) , $35 (Collector's Ed Series + Final Battle ~ Spaceship Box)
A-Team, The (TV Series)A-Team, The (TV Series) (1982)
Pumped–up, jingoistic 80s TV–series about a commando crew of misfits led by George Peppard. The rest of team comprised Mr T, Tim Dunigan,…
DVD $15 (Season 3) , $15 (Season 5)

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