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Lena Olin


HavanaHavana (1990)
Dir. Sydney Pollack
Feat. Robert Redford, Lena Olin
A gracefully ageing Robert Redford seeks his fortune on the verge of the Cuban revolution, while romantic entanglement with Lena Olin has political…
Mr. JonesMr. Jones (1993)
Dir. Mike Figgis
Feat. Richard Gere, Lena Olin
Richard Gere earnestly acts the method as an impulsive–depressive who gets keen on spunky therapist Lena Olin. Its whimsical flourishes work…
Romeo Is BleedingRomeo Is Bleeding (1994) Recommended
Dir. Peter Medak
Feat. Gary Oldman, Annabella Sciorra, Juliette Lewis
Petty corrupt cop Gary Oldman gets into all sorts of bother with the mob and his three women – Annabella Sciorra, Juliette Lewis and…
Night Falls On ManhattanNight Falls On Manhattan (1997)
Dir. Sidney Lumet
Feat. Richard Dreyfuss, Andy Garcia, Lena Olin
Poking around among the NYPD's rotten apples, this unsettling thriller gouges up about as much police corruption and moral dry–rot as you can…
Polish WeddingPolish Wedding (1998)
Dir. Theresa Connelly
Feat. Gabriel Byrne, Lena Olin, Rade Serbedzija
Laid on incredibly thick, Polish accents and all, this is 'ethnic shtick' writ large with Gabriel Byrne, Lena Olin and Rade Serbedzija heading a…
Ninth Gate, TheNinth Gate, The (2000)
Dir. Roman Polanski
Feat. Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin
An unscrupulous book dealer (Johnny Depp) is sent to Europe by a mysterious tycoon (Frank Langella) to recover an authentic, elusive (and of course,…
ChocolatChocolat (2000) Recommended
Dir. Lasse Hallstrom
Feat. Juliette Binoche, Alfred Molina, Lena Olin
Light and fluffy ‘food–comedy’ of international mien in which, after a shaky start, Juliette Binoche gets into the heart of an crusty…
Queen of the DamnedQueen of the Damned (2001)
Dir. Michael Rymer
Feat. Stuart Townsend, Lena Olin, Vincent Perez
Anne Rice’s literary vampire Lestat, last seen as Tom Cruise in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, (here Stuart Townsend) shrugs off a 200 year sleep to…
Alias (TV Series)Alias (TV Series) (2001)
Feat. Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan
Depicts the adventures of a college student (Garner) who moonlights as a special agent – fulfilling dangerous covert operations for the CIA and…
DarknessDarkness (2002)
Dir. Jaume Balaguero
Feat. Anna Paquin, Lena Olin, Iain Glen
The dir. of THE NAMELESS proffers a largely familiar tale of a family relocating to a remote Spanish farm, and becoming entrapped in a supernatural…

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