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Christopher Walken


Anderson Tapes, TheAnderson Tapes, The (1971)
Dir. Sidney Lumet
Feat. Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam
An inventive, if over–ambitious thriller in which a master–thief (Connery) recently released from prison plans a difficult heist, without…
Next Stop, Greenwich VillageNext Stop, Greenwich Village (1976)
Dir. Paul Mazursky
Feat. Lenny Baker, Shelley Winters, Ellen Greene
Cozy, semi–autographical coming–of–age from New York native Paul Mazursky, recounting with fondness the formative years of an…
RoselandRoseland (1977)
Dir. James Ivory
Feat. Teresa Wright, Lou Jacobi, Geraldine Chaplin
Three separate but interlocking stories set in New York's famed dance palace, about people trying to essentially, 'find the right dance partner'.…
Deer Hunter, TheDeer Hunter, The (1978) Recommended
Dir. Michael Cimino
Feat. Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep
A grimly realistic portrait of how the atrocities of the Vietnam war have an effect on a group of friends. Robert De Niro heads a virtuoso cast in…
Heaven's GateHeaven's Gate (1980)
Dir. Michael Cimino
Feat. Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt
One of Hollywood's biggest financial disasters contributed to the demise of United Artists studios. Despite its flaws, this full–length version…
Dogs of War, TheDogs of War, The (1980)
Dir. John Irvin
Feat. Christopher Walken, Colin Blakely, Tom Berenger
Frederick Forsyth's best–seller gets reasonably good treatment here, Christopher Walken playing a hard bastard mercenary hired by Big Business…
Pennies from HeavenPennies from Heaven (1981) Recommended
Dir. Herbert Ross
Feat. Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, Christopher Walken
Dennis Potter’s provocative, 1930s–set melding of drama and musical is spot–on in this US version of the BBC TV–series, which…
Dead Zone, TheDead Zone, The (1983) Aro Favourite
Dir. David Cronenberg
Feat. Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Brooke Adams
A dynamite thriller based on one of Stephen King's best stories. Christopher Walken plays a clairvoyant, who after helping police with homicide…
BrainstormBrainstorm (1983)
Dir. Douglas Trumball
Feat. Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher
A ‘Hard Sci–fi’ fable about the development of a sensory experience device – ‘virtual reality’ in today’s…
At Close RangeAt Close Range (1985)
Dir. James Foley
Feat. Sean Penn, Christopher Walken
Sean Penn plays a wayward youth who reunites with his gangland father (Christopher Walken) with violent consequences. Sordid yet solid drama.
View to a Kill, AView to a Kill, A (1986)
Dir. John Glen
Feat. Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Tanya Roberts
Roger Moore's final outing as agent 007. Evil billionaire industrialist Max Zorin (Walken) and his lethal associate May Day (Jones) plan to take over…
Biloxi BluesBiloxi Blues (1988)
Dir. Mike Nichols
Feat. Matthew Broderick, Christopher Walken
Famed scriptwriter Neil Simon (THE GOODBYE GIRL) here gives a semi–autobiographical account of his experiences in boot–camp during WW2,…
CommunionCommunion (1989)
Dir. Phillipe Mora
Feat. Christopher Walken, Lindsay Crouse
Based on the ‘experiences’ of novelist Whitley Strieber, who claimed multiple abductions by aliens, this has Christopher Walken whisked away for…
King of New YorkKing of New York (1990) Recommended
Dir. Abel Ferrara
Feat. Christopher Walken, Laurence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes
A ruthless drug lord (Walken) is determined to resume his throne as the king of New York's underworld after five years behind bars. A vicious crime…
Comfort of Strangers, TheComfort of Strangers, The (1991)
Dir. Paul Schrader
Feat. Rupert Everett, Natasha Richardson, Christopher Walken
Genuinely unsettling, if not ultimately coherent, tale of an English couple (Rupert Everett and Natasha Richardson) in Venice who become the…
Sarah, Plain and TallSarah, Plain and Tall (Winter's End; Skylark) (1991-1999)
Dir. Glenn Jordan
Feat. Glenn Close, Christopher Walken
A beloved made–for–TV adaptation of Patricia MacLachlan's famous children's novel. A widowed farmer places an ad for a wife, with a…
MistressMistress (1992)
Dir. Barry Primus
Feat. Martin Landau, Robert De Niro, Danny Aiello
A movie movie about a struggling Hollywood writer whose ethics are violated on the hellish road to production by hack producers Martin Landau, Robert…
Batman ReturnsBatman Returns (1992) Recommended
Dir. Tim Burton
Feat. Michael Keaton, Danny De Vito, Michelle Pfeiffer
The lone Bat returns to defend Gotham City from Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and The Penguin (Danny De Vito). Everything you loved or loathed about…
Business Affair, ABusiness Affair, A (1993)
Dir. Charlotte Brandstom
Feat. Carole Bouquet, Christopher Walken, Jonathan Pryce
Would–be writer Carole Bouquet is caught between her husband (another struggling scribe) and publisher Christopher Walken. European…
True RomanceTrue Romance (1993) Recommended
Dir. Tony Scott
Feat. Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Gary Oldman
Precocious, ultra–violent black comedy from the pen of Tarantino in which comic–book–nerd Christian Slater transforms into…
Wayne's World 2Wayne's World 2 (1993)
Dir. Stephen Surjik
Feat. Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Christopher Walken
Party time for Mike Myers and Dana Carvey again in this not–quite–so–excellent sequel.
Pulp FictionPulp Fiction (1994) Aro Favourite
Dir. Quentin Tarantino
Feat. John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman
With just his second film, Quentin Tarantino not only became a household name but a massive cultural phenomenon. He miraculously surpasses…
Four Rules, TheFour Rules, The (Search and Destroy) (1995)
Dir. David Salle
Feat. Griffin Dunne, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken
Smalltime shark Griffin Dunne's obsession with self–help philosophy leads him into some tense encounters with Dennis Hopper and Christopher…
Wild SideWild Side (1995) Recommended
Dir. Donald Cammell
Feat. Anne Heche, Christopher Walken, Joan Chen
Bank exec Anne Heche moonlights as a hooker to service a debt and initiates a twisted game of role–playing with miscreants Christopher Walken…
Nick of TimeNick of Time (1995)
Dir. John Badham
Feat. Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken
Johnny Depp strives for action–hero big time with this cliff–hanger played out in real time. Randomly singled out of a crowd, he must…
Prophecy II & III, TheProphecy II & III, The (1995-2000)
Feat. Christopher Walken
Two sequels in the 'PROPHECY' Series.
Prophecy, TheProphecy, The (1996)
Dir. Gregory Widen
Feat. Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz, Elias Koteas
Christopher Walken plays the Archangel Gabriel(!), spreading terror on earth on behalf of a private vendetta in heaven. X–FILES fans should…
Things to Do in Denver When You're DeadThings to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1996) Recommended
Dir. Gary Fleder
Feat. Andy Garcia, Christopher Walken, Gabrielle Anwar
Things get messy for 'good guy' Andy Garcia under the sadistic tutelage of crippled crime–boss Christopher Walken. Cool and confident…
Last Man StandingLast Man Standing (1996)
Dir. Walter Hill
Feat. Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, Christopher Walken
Gunslinger Bruce Willis dishes up violent justice for two factions of bootleggers in an actioner that ropes in western, mob movie, film noir and even…
Funeral, TheFuneral, The (1996)
Dir. Abel Ferrara
Feat. Christopher Walken, Christopher Penn, Annabella Sciorra
Indie iconoclast Abel Ferrara delves deeper into the troubled psyches of men–on–the–edge with a brooding chamber–piece.…

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