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238 Films.

Underbelly - Season 2 (TV Mini-series)Underbelly - Season 2 (TV Mini-series) (A Tale of Two Cities: The Mr Asia Story) (2009)
A prequel to the events of the original series, this is loosely based on the hard drug trade that hit New South Wales and Victoria between 1976 and…
DVD $30 $22.50
Adventures Of Merlin, The (TV Series)Adventures Of Merlin, The (TV Series) (2008)
Ambitious drama series loosely based on the legend of King Arthur, following a young Merlin's arrival in Camelot where he must face great danger…
DVD $30 $22.50 (Series 1)
Being Human (TV Series)Being Human (TV Series) (2008)
Supernatural sitcom has three British twenty–somethings struggling with their respective alter–egos as a vampire, ghost and werewolf.
DVD $20 $15 (Series 1) , $20 $15 (Series 2)
Fringe (TV Series)Fringe (TV Series) (2008)
Daring sci–fi offering from the creator of (the equally ambitious) LOST, focused on an FBI 'Fringe Division' team specializing in unorthodox…
DVD $25 $18.75 (Season 1) , $25 $18.75 (Season 2) , $25 $18.75 (Season 3) , $25 $18.75 (Season 4)
Generation Kill (TV Mini-series)Generation Kill (TV Mini-series) (2008)
Superlative HBO series from the makers of THE WIRE following the U.S. Marine reconnaissance battalion in the first year of the Iraq invasion.…
DVD $20 $15 (near-new)
Lark Rise To Candleford (TV Series)Lark Rise To Candleford (TV Series) (2008)
Comforting 1880s period drama focusing on the communities in two Oxfordshire towns: the quiet, traditional hamlet of Lark Rise, and the progressive…
DVD $25 $18.75 (Series 1)
Legend of the Seeker, The (TV Series)Legend of the Seeker, The (TV Series) (2008)
Sword–and–Sorcery coming–of–age journey with The Seeker as he joins forces with a mysterious woman and a wise, powerful…
DVD $69.95 $15 (Season 1)
Life on Mars (US TV Series)Life on Mars (US TV Series) (2008)
Polarizing remake of the British sci–fi success shares an identical premise – namely cop hit by car in present wakes up in 1973 –…
DVD $20 $15 (Complete Series)
Mad Men - Season 2 (TV Series) Mad Men - Season 2 (TV Series) (2008)
Further episodes of the 60's–New–York–set television drama series focused on an ad exec basking in the glow of the golden age of…
DVD $20 $15
Sons of Anarchy (TV Series)Sons of Anarchy (TV Series) (2008)
Muscular television drama centred on a Californian motorcycle club and its Vice President (Hunnam), whose growing ambivalence towards lawlessness is…
Blu-Ray $80 $60 (Season 1-4 Box)

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