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Tom H’s Film Reviews

867 Films have been rated or reviewed by Tom H.

Dark ShadowsDark Shadows (2012)
1 star (Turkey) Dark Shadows gets my raspberry award for 2012, being the worst film on all levels that I have seen for a long time. I could not recommend this to anyone.
DVD $10 $5, $39.95 $19.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95 $19.95
Shihad: Beautiful MachineShihad: Beautiful Machine (2012)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) A great doco that runs a little too long and comes across as a little too sympathetic to lead–man Toogood, but otherwise provides plenty of reasons to watch. Recommended for fans and newcomers alike.
DVD $24.95 $14.95
PrometheusPrometheus (2012)Recommended
2 stars (Good Try) Prometheus never seems to know what it wants to be. At times, space adventure story, at times sci–fi horror, the film starts out well (very well in fact), but takes a tumble part–way and never recovers. A poor addition to the Alien series.
DVD $15 $11.25, $15 $11.25, $39.95
Attack the BlockAttack the Block (2011)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) The first 5 mins is decidedly poor. But I beg you to give Attack the Block a chance past the opening credits! This is an excellent sci–fi comedy that is sure to generate cult status in the coming years.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
Arrested Development (TV Series)Arrested Development (TV Series) (2003-2005)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) A great TV series that will hit a certain kind of funny bone in most people. The cast is pitch perfect, and the humour, while often silly, mostly strays from being too over–the–top.
DVD $15 $11.25, $49.95, $49.95, $49.95
Underbelly - Season 6 (TV Mini-series)Underbelly - Season 6 (TV Mini-series) (Badness) (2012)
3 stars (Good Enough) \"Badness\" is a step up from Mr Asia, but still fails to reach the heights of the initial entry in the series. The characters are intriguing but there simply isn\'t enough going on at any given time.
Innkeepers, TheInnkeepers, The (2011)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) One of the scariest films in a long time, although it\'s hard to explain why. In many ways, this is an old–school horror, with elements of Hitchcock and Kubrick, and a level of suspense otherwise absent in modern horror films.
DVD $34.95 | Blu-Ray $34.95
Batman: The Dark Knight RisesBatman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) THE blockbuster to watch of 2012, TDKR is powerful and gripping throughout, and a worthy completion to Nolans\' trilogy, despite a few glaring glaws, and despite being my least favourite of all three.
DVD $14.95
Remember the TitansRemember the Titans (2000)
4 stars (Very Good) Excellent story, even if cliched in parts with questionable performances, but still a highly enjoyable and warming tale.
DVD $25
Blind Side, TheBlind Side, The (2009)
4 stars (Very Good) A heartfelt story carried almost entirely by the leads, including Sandra Bullock, that builds nicely and coaxes a few tears despite ultimately being predictable. Very enjoyable.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95

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