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Films to Rent

Comic Strip Presents (DVD Box Set)Comic Strip Presents (DVD Box Set) (1982-1988) Aro Favourite
Feat. Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French
At the forefront of the 'alternative comedy' movement in the early 1980s, The Comic Strip are an ensemble of British comedians who have produced many…
Young Ones, The (TV Series)Young Ones, The (TV Series) (1982-1984) Aro Favourite
Feat. Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Planer
Off–the–wall, anarchic 80s sitcom about young rebels (liberal Rik, punk Vyvian, hippy Neil and bodgy Mike) co–habitating in a…
Comic Strip Presents: Bad News Tour (1983) / A Fistful of Travellers' ChequesComic Strip Presents: Bad News Tour (1983) / A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques (1984) Aro Favourite
Dir. Sandy Johnson, Adrian Edmondson
Feat. Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Dawn French
Excellent 'Comic Strip' double bill that teams up Adrian Edmonson's classic headbanger's satire with the cult repertory's memorable…
Comic Strip Presents: Fistful of Travellers Cheques, A / GinoComic Strip Presents: Fistful of Travellers Cheques, A / Gino (1984) Recommended
Dir. Bob Spiers
Feat. Rik Mayall, Pete Richardson, Keith Allen
Winning 'Spaghetti Western' spoof has straw–chewing posers Rik Mayall and Peter Richardson check into the Hotel Bastardos, where they meet…
Girls on Top (TV Series)Girls on Top (TV Series) (1984-1985)
Feat. Dawn French, Tracey Ullman, Jennifer Saunders
Dawn French gets more than she bargained for in recruiting three cantankerous roommates in order to accord the rent on her Chelsea flat. Among the…
Supergrass, TheSupergrass, The (1985)
Dir. Peter Richardson
Feat. Adrian Edmondson, Robbie Coltrane, Jennifer Saunders
A clever, understated comedy from the Comic Strip team with Adrian Edmondson as an ordinary bloke mistaken for a major–league drug dealer.
Comic ReliefComic Relief (1986) Recommended
Feat. Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan
The stars of THE YOUNG ONES (along with many other stellar Brit comedians) perform for charity, in this irreverant satirical stageshow.
Eat the RichEat the Rich (1987) Recommended
Dir. Peter Richardson
Feat. Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Jennifer Saunders
Terrific second feature from the COMIC STRIP players makes a spectacular mockery of the British class structure and Thatcherist politics. It's a…
Secret Policeman's Third Ball, TheSecret Policeman's Third Ball, The (1987)
Feat. John Cleese, Ben Elton, Jennifer Saunders
A selection of the very best of 1980s British comedians perform live for charity. Also includes backstage footage with some of the stars.
French and Saunders (TV Series)French and Saunders (TV Series) (1990-1994)
Feat. Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders
Comic Strip funnywomen Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders parade highlights from their first, third and fourth TV seasons. Tape 1: Series 1…
Murder Most Horrid (TV Series)Murder Most Horrid (TV Series) (1991-1999)
Feat. Dawn French
Satirical comedy series starring Britain's darling funny gal Dawn French (VICAR OF DIBLEY) as she takes on various guises caught up in a different…
Comic Strip Presents: Five Go Mad in Dorset / SusieComic Strip Presents: Five Go Mad in Dorset / Susie (1993) Aro Favourite
Dir. Bob Spiers
Feat. Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Peter Richardson
Two 'Comic Strip' comedies on one tape. 'Five Go Mad...' hilariously sends up the po–faced adventures of Enid Blyton's childrens books, while…
Vicar of Dibley, The (TV Series)Vicar of Dibley, The (TV Series) (1994-2000)
Feat. Dawn French
Dawn French gives her keynote TV role as a boisterous female minister who comes to serve in an eccentric small town. Consistently funny, with…
Lenny Henry Show, TheLenny Henry Show, The (1996)
Feat. Lenny Henry, Dawn French, Frank Bruno
Highlights from the master of mimic sketch program.
Let Them Eat Cake (TV Series)Let Them Eat Cake (TV Series) (1999)
Feat. Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Alison Steadman
A BLACKADDER–style spoof of the French Revolution with Jennifer Saunders playing the Comtesse de Vache, with Dawn French as her maid. This…
Maybe BabyMaybe Baby (2000)
Dir. Ben Elton
Feat. Hugh Laurie, Joely Richardson, Rowan Atkinson
Brit comic whizz–kid Ben Elton has a crack at the directing whip, adapting his semi–autobiographical novel about infertility;…
French and Saunders - LiveFrench and Saunders - Live (2000)
Feat. Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French
Double act Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French bring their style of comedy to the stage, in this show from the Shaftesbury Theatre and their 'Still…
Wild West (TV Series)Wild West (TV Series) (2002-2004)
Feat. Dawn French, Catherine Tate, Bill Bailey
Quirky and understated comedy series concerning two 'lesbians of convenience' (French and Tate) living in the fictitious Cornwall town of St. Gweep,…
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The WardrobeChronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (2005) Recommended
Dir. Andrew Adamson
Feat. Tilda Swinton, James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent
A splendid and meticulous vision of C.S. Lewis' classic children's fantasy novel in which a group of four young siblings – ensconced in an…
Jam and Jerusalem (TV Series)Jam and Jerusalem (TV Series) (Clatterford) (2006)
Feat. Sue Johnston, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French
Jennifer Saunders penned this eccentric ensemble comedy about 'The Women's Guild', an eclectic sisterhood of ladies in small town Clatterford who…
Love and Other DisastersLove and Other Disasters (2007)
Dir. Alek Keshishian
Feat. Brittany Murphy, Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow
London–based It–girl gets buff boy, despite a case of mistaken sexuality, in this pretty piece of fashion–mag fluffola which owes…
Lark Rise To Candleford (TV Series)Lark Rise To Candleford (TV Series) (2008)
Feat. Julia Sawalha, Olivia Hallinan, Brendan Coyle
Comforting 1880s period drama focusing on the communities in two Oxfordshire towns: the quiet, traditional hamlet of Lark Rise, and the progressive…
Coraline Coraline (2009) Aro Favourite
Dir. Henry Selick
Feat. Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders
The prodigious talents of fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and animator Henry Selick combine for this wonderful – though admittedly creepy –…
Psychoville (TV Series)Psychoville (TV Series) (2009)
Dir. Matt Lipsey
Feat. Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, Dawn French
Blacky comic sitcom written by and starring The League of Gentlemen members Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, who each play numerous bizarre…
Animals UnitedAnimals United (2010)
Dir. Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe
Feat. James Corden, Stephen Fry, Andy Serkis
Comedy and environmentalism combine in this safari story about the survival of a group of animals whose food and water supply has been affected by…
Wrong Mans, The (TV Series)Wrong Mans, The (TV Series) (2013-2014)
Feat. James Corden, Sarah Solemani, Tom Basden
An ambitious BBC comedy–drama series co–created and written by GAVIN & STACEY alumni James Corden and Mathew Baynton that combines the…
Delicious (TV Series)Delicious (TV Series) (2016)
Dir. Claire Kilner
Feat. Dawn French, Iain Glen, Emilia Fox
A darkly comedic infidelity drama with a foodie twist. Dawn French plays a passionate cook who engages in a complicating affair with her celebrity…

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