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Russell Crowe

Director, Actor

Crossing, TheCrossing, The (1990)
Dir. George Ogilvie
Feat. Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer
A fresh–faced Russell Crowe plays an art student in the sixites who up–and–leaves for the Big City, much to the dismay of his then…
SpotswoodSpotswood (1991) Recommended
Dir. Mark Joffe
Feat. Anthony Hopkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Bruno Lawrence
Anthony Hopkins plays an efficiency expert hired to overhaul a cottage moccasin factory, and finds himself endeared to the staff, in this affable…
ProofProof (1991) Aro Favourite
Dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse
Feat. Hugo Weaving, Russell Crowe, Genevieve Picot
Near–perfect little drama makes the most of its intriguing premise; a blind photographer interprets the world by having his photographs…
Brides of Christ (TV Series)Brides of Christ (TV Series) (1991)
Dir. Ken Cameron
Feat. Brenda Fricker, Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe
Set in Catholic convent in 1960s Australia among a group of nuns and students, this series caused mild controversy on release, depicting the church…
Romper StomperRomper Stomper (1992) Recommended
Dir. Geoffrey Wright
Feat. Russell Crowe
Powerhouse drama about a gang of neo–Nazi skinheads who wreak havoc on the Melbourne's Vietnamese community. The contentious subject is…
Hammers Over the AnvilHammers Over the Anvil (1992)
Dir. Ann Turner
Feat. Russell Crowe, Charlotte Rampling
A young polio victim's innocence is lost when his fantasy role model (Russell Crowe) falls from grace after involvement with a much older aristocrat…
Silver Brumby, TheSilver Brumby, The (1992)
Dir. John Tatoulis
Feat. Russell Crowe
Ex–pat Kiwi Russell Crowe plays a courageous mountain horseman who becomes obsessed with claiming and taming an elusive silver mare that roams…
Sum of Us, TheSum of Us, The (1994)
Dir. Kevin Dowling, Geoff Burton
Feat. Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe
Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe star in this screen adaptation of David Stevens' heralded stageplay as the ultra–liberal widower and his…
Quick and the Dead, TheQuick and the Dead, The (1995)
Dir. Sam Raimi
Feat. Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe
A showdown at a gunfighting competition that plays like a cross between a 'Milky Bar' ad and a WWF pro–wrestling rumble. Director Raimi (EVIL…
VirtuosityVirtuosity (1995)
Dir. Brett Leonard
Feat. Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington
Russell Crowe plays a computer–generated composite of 200 serial killers who escapes cyberspace and proves a formidable opponent for…
L.A. ConfidentialL.A. Confidential (1997) Recommended
Dir. Curtis Hanson
Feat. Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey
Slam–bang adaptation preserves the lacerating edge of James Ellroy's crime novel while polishing up the sheen of 50s Hollywood. Antipodean boys…
Insider, TheInsider, The (1999) Aro Favourite
Dir. Michael Mann
Feat. Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, Christopher Plummer
A brooding masterpiece from dir. Mann (HEAT), who finally wrestles down a topic of sufficient weight to justify the peerless brilliance of his…
Mystery, AlaskaMystery, Alaska (1999)
Dir. Jay Roach
Feat. Russell Crowe, Colm Meaney, Burt Reynolds
Pre–superstar Russell Crowe is typically strong and gruff in this grown–up version of THE MIGHTY DUCKS, with an bumbling, amateur Alaskan…
GladiatorGladiator (2000) Recommended
Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Richard Harris
As good a Roman Sandal epic as ever there was, with a stoic and be–sandalled Russell Crowe refusing to carry over his loyalty to the new…
Proof of LifeProof of Life (2000)
Dir. Taylor Hackford
Feat. Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe, David Morse
South American ransom thriller with Meg Ryan seeking to extricate her rich husband (David Morse) from the jungle, and Russell Crowe as the…
Beautiful Mind, ABeautiful Mind, A (2001)
Dir. Ron Howard
Feat. Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris
This ‘true story’ of mental illness in academia is the kind of earnest gloss that’s tailor made for the ‘Academy’, but its Oscar glory for…
Flix Mix Ultimate FightsFlix Mix Ultimate Fights (2002)
Feat. Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes
An intense compilation of the most memorable and ambitious fight scenes from Hollywood and abroad.
Master and Commander - The Far Side of the WorldMaster and Commander - The Far Side of the World (2003) Recommended
Dir. Peter Weir
Feat. Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, James D'Arcy
Vivid sea–chase yarn, set during the Napoleonic Wars, with Crowe commanding the screen as the sympathetic captain of a British frigate…
Colour of War: The ANZACsColour of War: The ANZACs (2004)
Dir. Paul Rudd, Ben Ulm
Feat. Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe hosts this documentary TV series about the Australian and New Zealand military experience from the 1930s to Vietnam, utilising colour…
Cinderella ManCinderella Man (2005)
Dir. Ron Howard
Feat. Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger, Paul Giamatti
Premium Hollywood biopic has Russell Crowe sluggin' it out as real–life prizefighter Jim Braddock, who during the Great Depression rose from…
A Good YearA Good Year (2006)
Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney
Russell Crowe plays workaholic bonds–dealer who inherits a vineyard in Provence and discovers the easy life in this lightweight tale of…
3:10 To Yuma3:10 To Yuma (2007) Recommended
Dir. James Mangold
Feat. Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ben Foster
Rugged and authentic remake of the '57 western, about a desperate, cash–strapped rancher escorting a notorious outlaw to Yuma via locomotive…
American GangsterAmerican Gangster (2007)
Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Hefty gangster flick in the tradition of SCARFACE, SERPICO, et. al., but based on an amazing true story: Washington plays Frank Lucas, the driver to…
Body Of LiesBody Of Lies (2008)
Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Vince Colosimo
Double–crossing political thriller starring DiCaprio as a street–savvy US intelligence operative at the beck and (phone)call of a CIA…
TendernessTenderness (2008)
Dir. John Polson
Feat. Russell Crowe, Jon Foster
Indie thriller sees Russell Crowe play a semi–retired detective who becomes obsessed with a teenage murderer recently freed from prison, who he…
State Of PlayState Of Play (2009) Recommended
Dir. Kevin MacDonald
Feat. Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams
With excellent political thriller credentials, this accomplished remake (from the BBC mini–series) transposes its conspiracy–laden scoop…
Robin HoodRobin Hood (2010)
Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Max von Sydow
Reuniting GLADIATOR director Ridley Scott with star Russell Crowe, this brawnier, grittier update of the Sherwood forest legend surveys the origins…
Next Three Days, TheNext Three Days, The (2010)
Dir. Paul Haggis
Feat. Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson
Patchy American remake of ANYTHING FOR HER, with Crowe as a mild–mannered professor determined to free his wife from prison, and fortunately…
Man with the Iron Fists, TheMan with the Iron Fists, The (2012)
Dir. RZA
Feat. Russell Crowe, RZA , Lucy Liu
Wu Tang Clan's RZA directs this slap–dash martial arts epic, based on the rapper's long–time love of kung fu movies. Starring a portly…
Les MiserablesLes Miserables (2012) Recommended
Dir. Tom Hooper
Feat. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway
Victor Hugo's classic novel set during the French revolution receives its latest big screen musical adaptation courtesy of dir. Tom Hooper (THE…
Broken CityBroken City (2013)
Dir. Allen Hughes
Feat. Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones
In this serviceable political thriller, Mark Wahlberg plays a New York private eye who is recruited by the city mayor (Russell Crowe) to expose his…
Man of SteelMan of Steel (2013)
Dir. Zack Snyder
Feat. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
Zack Snyder stylishly reboots the dormant Superman franchise with this moody re–imagining of the origins of Clark Kent.
Winter's TaleWinter's Tale (2014)
Dir. Akiva Goldsman
Feat. Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe
This mythic New York romance centres on an Irish burglar (Farrell) who falls for an aristocrat's dying daughter, and seeks a miracle to save her life.
NoahNoah (2014)
Dir. Darren Aronofsky
Feat. Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone
This thought–provoking religious epic from dir. Darren Aronofsky tackles the biblical story of Noah's Ark with seriousness and gusto.
Water Diviner, TheWater Diviner, The (2014)
Dir. Russell Crowe
Feat. Jai Courtney, Olga Kurylenko, Russell Crowe
An Australian man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons.
Fathers and DaughtersFathers and Daughters (2015)
Dir. Gabriele Muccino
Feat. Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul
Melodramatic ensemble piece with Russell Crowe as a widower struggling with fatherhood and mental illness.
Nice Guys, TheNice Guys, The (2016) Aro Favourite
Dir. Shane Black
Feat. Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Angourie Rice
Genuinely hilarious buddy comedy from the director of KISS KISS BANG BANG (and writer of the LETHAL WEAPON movies back in the day) about a mismatched…
Mummy, TheMummy, The (2017)
Dir. Alex Kurtzman
Feat. Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella
Tom Cruise plays a US military man who accidentally unearths Princess Ahmanet's tomb and unleashes unspeakable evil. A fun mish–mash of monster…
Loudest Voice, The (TV Mini-series)Loudest Voice, The (TV Mini-series) (2019)
Dir. Jeremy Podeswa, Kari Skogland, Stephen Frears
Feat. Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller, Annabelle Wallis
A seven–part series revealing the final years of media consultant Roger Ailes as he devises his most potent political weapon, Fox News, over…
True Story of the Kelly Gang, TheTrue Story of the Kelly Gang, The (2019) Recommended
Dir. Justin Kurzel
Feat. George MacKay, Essie Davis, Nicholas Hoult
Justin Kurzel (SNOWTOWN) directs this adventurous retelling of the Australian story of bushranger and outlaw Ned Kelly, based on Peter Carey's 2001…
UnhingedUnhinged (2020)
Dir. Derrick Borte
Feat. Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman
Darkly funny, high voltage psycho thriller with Russell Crowe perfect as an volatile emasculated man going berserk at an intersection one day,…

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