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Julia Ormond


Baby of Macon, TheBaby of Macon, The (1992)
Dir. Peter Greenaway
Feat. Peter Greenaway, Julia Ormond, Ralph Fiennes
Agent provocateur Peter Greenaway redefines new boundaries for his extreme taste, whether it be highly refined (production design, photography) or…
Legends of the FallLegends of the Fall (1994)
Dir. Edward Zwick
Feat. Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, Henry Thomas
American folk melodrama spans the decade around World War I in which the three sons of righteous patriarch Anthony Hopkins become divided over the…
CaptivesCaptives (1994)
Dir. Angela Pope
Feat. Julia Ormond, Tim Roth
Working in a tough British prison, young dentist Julia Ormond becomes intimate with violent inmate Tim Roth, and too becomes a helpless captive as…
First KnightFirst Knight (1995)
Dir. Jerry Zucker
Feat. Sean Connery, Julia Ormond, Richard Gere
Pared–down retelling of the Arthurian legend of Camelot is, while no great shakes, at least as good as most other efforts that have been made…
NostradamusNostradamus (1995)
Dir. Roger Christian
Feat. Tcheky Karyo, Amanda Plummer, Julia Ormond
Fact and fantasy seem at odds in this version of the life of famous visionary, Michel de Nostradame, however the subject provides plenty of intrigue.…
SabrinaSabrina (1996)
Dir. Sydney Pollack
Feat. Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond
Remake of the Hepburn–Bogart classic, the story of the chauffer's daughter who falls for the 'other' guy is tailored for a new generation,…
Smilla's Feeling for SnowSmilla's Feeling for Snow (Smilla's Sense of Snow) (1997)
Dir. Bille August
Feat. Julia Ormond, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Harris
From Peter Hoeg's acclaimed novel, Julia Ormond glistens in the plumb role of the frosty, feisty half–eskimo woman who over–concerns…
Barber of Siberia, TheBarber of Siberia, The (1999)
Dir. Nikita Mikhalkov
Feat. Julia Ormond, Richard Harris, Oleg Menshikov
Oddly toned blend of historical epic and comedy set in late 19th century Russian, where an American inventor seeks to sell his timber harvesting…
Prime Gig, ThePrime Gig, The (2001)
Dir. Gregory Mosher
Feat. Ed Harris, Vince Vaughn, Julia Ormond
A soberly played drama–thriller, in which Vince Vaughn is drawn into a shady telemarketing scam operated by philosophising villain Ed…
Varian's WarVarian's War (2001)
Dir. Lionel Chetwynd
Feat. William Hurt, Julia Ormond, Maury Chaykin
Mostly satisfactory telemovie which deals with the intriguing real–life case of Varian Fry, an American journalist who in WW2 helped smuggle…
Iron Jawed AngelsIron Jawed Angels (2004)
Dir. Katja von Garnier
Feat. Hilary Swank, Anjelica Huston, Frances O'Connor
Fairly inventive telemovie concerning the rise of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, which had the aim of gaining voting and other…
I Know Who Killed Me I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
Dir. Chris Siverston
Feat. Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, Neal McDonough
Trash fans rejoice. This Lindsay Lohan career nadir won more Razzie awards than both SHOWGIRLS and BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Lohan plays both a good…
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, TheCurious Case Of Benjamin Button, The (2008) Recommended
Dir. David Fincher
Feat. Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton
The screenwriter of FORREST GUMP expands upon F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story to tell the curious case of a man born on Armistice day as decrepit…
SurveillanceSurveillance (2008)
Dir. Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Feat. Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman, Pell James
Divisive thriller following two FBI agents who must piece together three very different eyewitness accounts of a murder in a small town, in order to…
Che: Part OneChe: Part One (The Argentine) (2008)
Dir. Steven Soderbergh
Feat. Benicio Del Toro, Julia Ormond, Rodrigo Santoro
An epic undertaking by dir. Steven Soderbergh, this two part resurrection of the Che Guevara legend (played charismatically by Benicio del Toro)…
Temple GrandinTemple Grandin (2010) Recommended
Dir. Mick Jackson
Feat. Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond
Claire Danes sensitively portrays the life of a revered animal doctor whose revolutionary practices for the humane handling of livestock on farms…
My Week With MarilynMy Week With Marilyn (2011) Recommended
Dir. Simon Curtis
Feat. Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Julia Ormond
Michelle Williams evokes Hollywood's most famous screen siren in this stylish and satisfying biopic centred on the production of THE PRINCE AND THE…
Green, TheGreen, The (2011)
Dir. Steven Williford
Feat. Jason Butler Harner, Cheyenne Jackson, Illeana Douglas
Drama about a gay couple who relocate from NYC to Connecticut seeking some quiet, but find their lives disrupted when one is accused of inappropriate…
East, TheEast, The (2013)
Dir. Zal Batmanglij
Feat. Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgard, Elliot Page
In this tense, thinking person's thriller from the writer and director behind SOUND OF MY VOICE, a covert operative attempts to infiltrate a group of…
Witches of East End (TV Series)Witches of East End (TV Series) (2014)
Feat. Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick
TV series about a family of witches who live in the seaside town of East End. Based on the book of the same name by Melissa de la Cruz.
Ladies in BlackLadies in Black (2018)
Dir. Bruce Beresford
Feat. Angourie Rice, Rachael Taylor, Julia Ormond
Set in Sydney in 1959, this charming adaptation of the bestselling novel by Madeleine St John follows the lives of a group of young employees at the…
ReunionReunion (2020)
Dir. Jake Mahaffy
Feat. Julia Ormond, Emma Draper, John Bach
Beautifully–lensed NZ horror shot in a grand old mansion in Lower Hutt, following an academic studying black magic (Emma Draper, DAFFODILS) who…

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