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Sales Gallery: Reissued

20 Oct–30 Sep 2021

ShowgirlsShowgirls (1995)
The BASIC INSTINCT team reprise with another sexploitation film that sent most critics in howls of derision. Lack of plot and oversaturation of…
Blu-Ray $29.95
20 Oct 2021
Naked Civil Servant, TheNaked Civil Servant, The (1981)
The life and times of homosexual Quentin Crisp, as drawn from his autobiography. John Hurt is a revelation as this courageous man who endured major…
DVD $19.95
14 Oct 2021
Sweeney, The (TV Series)Sweeney, The (TV Series) (1976)
Before THE PROFESSIONALS and MINDER came the ground–breaking Brit cop show starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman. A highly influential action…
DVD $139.95
14 Oct 2021
Space 1999 (TV Series)Space 1999 (TV Series) (1974- 1978)
A live–action creation from puppet–master Gerry Anderson about a crew of scientists stationed on "Moonbase Alpha". With sterling…
DVD $89.95 | Blu-Ray $159.95
14 Oct 2021
Straight Story, TheStraight Story, The (2000)Aro Favourite
Far from wild at heart, this soft–peddle road movie from the infamous David Lynch is a serene, supremely dignified fable (though based on a…
Blu-Ray $34.95
14 Oct 2021
Protectors, The (TV Series)Protectors, The (TV Series) (1972-1973)
A suave, jet–setting suspense series that was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's (THUNDERBIRDS) second foray into live–action, depicting the…
DVD $74.95
14 Oct 2021
Pie in the Sky (TV Series)Pie in the Sky (TV Series) (1994)
Brit crime series following a retirement age detective hanging up his mystery solving hat to fulfil a goal of owning his own restaurant, but it seems…
DVD $64.95
14 Oct 2021
Helix (TV Series)Helix (TV Series) (2014)
Schlocky sci–fi thriller series from the Syfy channel that follows a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…
DVD $69.95
14 Oct 2021
Appaloosa, TheAppaloosa, The (Southwest to Senora) (1966)
Minor, though well–crafted and photographed Western set around Brando's attempts to recover his prized horse from a Mexican bandit (Saxon).
DVD $14.95
30 Sep 2021
Rough Night in JerichoRough Night in Jericho (1967)
Dean Martin terrorizes a town and its helpless folk in this coarse, outdated western. Rough indeed.
DVD $14.95
30 Sep 2021

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